Larger cigar roller events are complemented with Cigar Servers that will serve cigars in a way that's reminiscent of the cocktail lounges and speakeasys from the Prohibition Era.





The cigar servers are great for large venues where guests have to walk a considerable distance to meet your cigar roller.


A great visual and the cigars come complete with your own custom cigar bands - now that's cool. The visual of having a Cigar Server along with a Cigar Roller that's rolling the cigars gives your guests more than a visual but an experience that will remind them they are at a truly special occasion.


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Cigar Servers for Chicago Cigar Events
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Contact us with the details of your event and we will suggest a custom quote for any or all of our features depending on your event. Weddings take a certain type of cigars while Golf outing take on another type while intimate events with small guest counts may be better with a “custom cigar order”.


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