Boston Cigar Rollers roll CF Dominicana Cigars imported from the D.R.

The cigars throughout Boston and the suburbs also can also be varied with other brands like Montecristo, Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta and others introduced starting the 2021 Season.


Custom cigar orders are now very popular. Custom cigar orders are cigars alone with your own custom cigar band designed and sent to you in a bundle that you select the quantity.. Each cigar is 8.15 regardless of size and is shipped directly to you with each in individual cellpohane sleeves to preserve freshness. They will also be wrapped in a bow for presentation suitable for upscale events and Wedding Receptions.


SoHo box of Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana
Dominican cigars for Chicago cigar events
Tribeca box of 7 inch cigars from CF Dominicana

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Cigar Rollers



Cigars for Chicago Events



CigarServers & Custom Cigar Labels

NEW! Custom Cigar Bands are now included with every event date starting in 2021.


Boston area cigar events use robusto cigars like our SoHo model which is a Connecticut Shade/Dominican combination and our most requested for wedding receptions and golf dinners.

Cigar brands available for Chicago events


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